Sunday, 7 July 2013

Summer bucket list ideas 2013

Summer Bucket List 2013

So this summer I want to make it last as next summer I'll be fueled into the scary world of work. At the moment I'm browsing Tumblr to culminate my own Summer Bucket List. If you don't know what a Summer Bucket List it's just a list of things you want to complete by the time summer ends. Like a 'Bucket List' is a list of things you want to do by the time you kick the bucket... You can go as wild as you want to with these lists but the more practical things will be on your SBL than your normal BL. I've attempted my BL before but I may have got too ambitious. Really the most common things everyone wants to do in their life is:
1. Travel the world
2. Find 'The One'
3. Be successful and happy

I realised that yes I didn't need to do exuberant things, these 3 are really just want I want to do before I kick the bucket. My SBL is barely there but the first things include: Painting, attempting a craft which I will scrapbook and probably Instagram and bake rainbow cupcakes as they look so scrummy and cool. Can you tell Tumblr has probably started to dominate my life yet? Here are some cool Summer bucket list ideas for you and remember to share your ideas in the comments!

Contribute those ideas in the comments!
Plus, go wild and enjoy summer. But don't get into too much trouble :)

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