Thursday, 11 July 2013

Dress codes smart casual

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'Hi ArrayO'Style, I've got my work experience next week and my uniform has to be 'Smart Casual' what does that mean and what should I wear?' From Alice in the UK.

Hi Alice!

Well when your employers as for the  the 'Smart Casual' look, they want you to feel comfortable in your clothes for the work you'll be experiencing (pun intended) but look neat and tidy around the edges. Depending on your placement you could be doing a lot of moving around or lifting. But, they don't want you to look too laid-back. At the end of the day you're still working for them and customers want to get the right idea about the brand, from the staff and their appearance. If you look scruffy, well the brand looks scruffy. 

Smart Casual look tips (for work):

  • Do not even think about wearing tracksuit bottoms when you see the word 'casual'. It's a fashion crime. Instead opt for black bottoms or jeans; but double check with your employer, some won't allow jeans. Maybe 'Jeggings' would be a good idea if you know you'll be doing more manual jobs.
  • Try to avoid any logo's, slogans or names on your clothes. Think minimal. A white shirt or blouse would match the look, you can accessorise with a simple necklace on top.
  • When thinking of shoes- try to wear something similar to what you'd don for school. Stick to black shoes or preferably black pumps. 
  • You can smarten the look up with a cute little blazer.

Now, there's the other type of smart casual: For parties or events. Ideally, shift dresses are good for this. It would look abnormal if you showed up in a full length, ballroom gown. Peplum dresses could work. 

Smart Casual look tips (for a party):Smart Casual

    Don't look overdone or overly coiffured.
  • Think classy, dresses should be mid-length
  • Make sure your make-up is minimal, a simple cat eye and lip gloss would look fine.
  • Ensure the outfit fits you appropriately, don't want to be constantly affixing it throughout the night!
  • Remember it is a party you're attending, don't look too constrained.

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