Tuesday, 2 July 2013

4th of July!

Okay so it's now July! Yes summer has barely started but still someone's mentioned the C word... There's even a C-word song on a TV advert now. In JULY. If you haven't realised what word it is, it's the occasion marked in December. It's my last week of school!  6 weeks of fun in the 'sun', weather permitting. It is English weather we're talking about. Not gonna lie on Sunday and Monday BBQ sales soared, sunglasses adorned and the sun cream spread everywhere. Then today; rain coats at the ready. I feel like the rain is just doing a dance to decide whether to come down fully, it's there. It's not there again. Oh look it's reappeared. False alarm everyone. Whereas, in America they're already on summer break and have probably got amazing weather to go with it. Lucky...

But an American celebration is Independence day this 4th of July and let's all get into the red white and blue spirit of things with a nail tutorial. As it's the second, I've supplied 2 nail art tutorials for the occasion. The first one will be published the now and it's easier, the second will be posted later on. So let's begin!

So the tutorial is more inspiration based and you could probably work out how to do it anyway, but there's always the method here:

You will need:

  • White nail varnish
  • Red nail varnish
  • Blue nail varnish
  • A clear coat of nail varnish 
  • A dotting tool
  1. Firstly, apply your base white coat on top of your nails, you can apply two coats for a richer colour if you'd like to- but bear in mind there's going to be colour on top so it won't be in the spotlight as such. Leave to dry (you can use a nail dryer for this if you'd like).
  2. Now the fun bit! Take your dotting tool and red nail varnish. Dip the dotting tool into the red nail varnish and start dotting on each of your nails. Try to ensure there's an equal amount on each nail and don't go as overboard as you'd like to, because the blue still has to be applied. 
  3. Continue step two with the blue nail varnish and if necessary the white nail varnish.
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Now you can apply a clear coat of nail varnish on top. If you're feeling very daring, some stick on gems would be cute in the middle of the dots.
Happy 4th of July Stylistas!

If you're looking for a nail dryer how cute is this one! You can purchase him at: 

Other nail supplies which may come in handy:

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