Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Royal Baby- Congrats to Wills&Kate!

So, we've been inundated about the news that the future King was born yesterday at around 4pm in St Mary's Hospital. I saw this Lulu Guinness bag earlier and it's perfect for the occasion. Very cute :)

And that's not just all the fashion world has to offer, the royal baby boy (who I'm sure will be named George, infact I'm betting) will be a style icon; with designers trying to clothe him already! The Fashion King Karl Lagerfeld has joined in by designing a regal dummy (or posh pacifier) whilst Christian Lacroix has culminated a flamboyant buggy-carriage and the most charming babygros ever. Meanwhile, daring Dior has created a pretty white knitted trouser, cardi and hat combination and Vera Wang has conjured up a ultra-luxe baby rattle and matching bracelet fit for the baby prince. You can almost here North West and Kim Kardashian sighing at this, Beyonce only gave them a £5K rattle. Burn.
Dior’s Petits Bonheurs Collection made for the royal baby: “Dior wishes a happy life to the future Prince of Cambridge”
The gossipers amongst us are already thinking of who his future bride will be, including: Blue Ivy Carter (who is practically the Princess of Pop already), Harper Seven Beckham (The Beckhams were present at the royal wedding and imagine the style wars with the mums), Princess Leonor of Spain, Princess Estelle of Sweden, Suri Cruise (This diva would fit in well at Buckingham Palace). Even Katie Price's new baby, who isn't even confirmed as a girl yet- but could you imagine Kate Middleton and Katie Price in the same room planning a wedding. Imagine it. Or there's Jessica Alba's daughter Haven Warren, Penelope Disick, Princess Eleanor of Belgium, or North West. Imagine Princess North West of Cambridge, hmm. I bet the reality show would be a hit with the Queen slouching around to watch Jersey Shore. 
Royal Baby Future Wife: Harper Beckham

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