Thursday, 18 July 2013

Freja Beha Fever!

Hello Stylista's!

So today I'm rather happy, Freja Beha is making a comeback! And not just that, a model smiling on the cover of VOGUE. Yes, you wouldn't typically expect to hear 'model' or 'smiling' in the same sentence either. Her smile is contagious and she definitely suits British Vogue- her look is preppy and London. Plus she's got charisma, making her edgier. She's typically deemed as the model who can pull off the feminine and masculine looks.

She was signed at the start of July; has already booked a Prada campaign and Vogue cover. Job well done! In contrast to the much anticipated return of Australian model Gemma Ward. Gemma signed with reputable IMG in January, but hasn't booked any major campaigns...
IMG 8532
Freja's comeback > Gemma's comeback

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