Thursday, 30 May 2013

Something smells fishy

That's a bit fishy: Central Saint Martins BA fashion show saw budding designer Cassandra Verity Green send her own pet goldfish down the catwalkSomething smells fishy

The Central St Martins graduate fashion show took place this week, where wannabe fashion designers showcase their designs to fashion press, buyers and employers. Ex students include John Galliano and Stella McCartney so there's a lot of pressure for the designers to stick out for the right reasons.

However, one young graduate stuck out for the wrong reasons. And her pet fish Bob didn't seem too pleased about the idea either. Cassandra Verity Green gave her pet fish a new home for the show, in a handbag. Yes the poor model was walking down carrying a goldfish bowl. Imagine how she felt. A mix of 'I'm screwed if I drop this' plus 'Just casually strutting with a fish. It's how models walk their fish' and maybe a bit of 'I look like a freak right?' Well she was getting paid to look like a freak. Imagine if she got paid in the clothes, ahaha. They'd definitely smell fishy. Well let's examine the photos.
Complaint: The RSPCA have hit out claiming her designs encourage people to treat living things as 'replaceable ornaments'
Danger: The charity explained that the fishy handbag designs could lead to poor water quality and a lack of oxygen for the orange fish
Did the outfits deserve to go down the plughole? You decide... here's food for thought.

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