Friday, 10 May 2013

CaRita Night

I was going to post Kim Kardashian's look for the Met Gala 2013, but seeing as it's already been mocked over the Internet (Including VOGUE, dun dun duuuuuun) I didn't want to add to it! Saying that I do mock way too many things on here so let's go for a change. Change being this post is now going to be dedicated to Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora. If you don't know who they are you are probably not a teenage girl or a Tumblr user.

First off Rita and Cara together. Wonder what their couple name should be. Rara? Ritara? Carita. OMG CARITA- sounds like a Salsa song. Now I want to dance aha. The pair Carita have been shot for Hunger TV (which bizarrely isn't a cookery show, I know right!) by photographer to the stars Rankin. The arty photos are to show how close the pair have come within the last year or so.
Carita are dressed in elaborate black jackets, but as these are only 'teaser' photos we've yet to find out the full outfit. However their hair is demurely backcombed into punk dos, heavy necklaces and earrings.

Both were spotted at the Met Gala 2013 earlier this week and Cara can pout, but she could be singing too. 50 Cent is keen to meet with the model and sign her to his American record label G-Unit. The rapper explained to Yahoo! OMG: 'If she wants to sign with me - I can make her one of the biggest stars in the world'.
'Overnight I can have her working with Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Snoop. If that's the direction she wants to go I can make us both a lot of money.'
'Next time she's in New York I am going to try to set up a business dinner with her - because now is her time.'
Can't wait for the other photos to come out!

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