Saturday, 18 May 2013

I've been getting emails asking 'where are the posts?' recently. I am alive, just haven't been feeling too well recently. Plus it's exam season and I'm behind on my revision...

As this is bound to happen; there's already over 1000 posts on my blog. So while I'm away why not go for a 'Golden Oldie'. Or try a tutorial and tweet me the results at @ArrayOStyle Or you could complete a 5 minute survey about ArrayO'Style, email your responses to with the subject 'Survey'.

-What's your favourite post on ArrayO'Style and Why?
-Favourite segment? 
-Favourite thing about ArrayO'Style?
-What could be improved?
-What would you like to see more of on ArrayO'Style? 
-How did you find out about ArrayO'Style?
-Would you recommend to a friend?

Thank you for your patience Stylista's!

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