Sunday, 1 September 2013

Second Birthday!

ArrayO'Style has been here for two whole years! Weird right?

2 years,
730 days,
17,280 hours,
63115200 seconds,

It's weird as I never really think to plan anything for this day, mainly because I still think that nobody properly reads my blog. Which I don't expect everyone too, but a little comment or a follow every once in a while would make it feel less like I'm on Myspace. In other words= talking to an empty room ..

Moving on, I feel like I need a blog overhaul. As in new templates, colours, layout etc. If you agree, do comment below :) Plus, the Facebook page is gradually being recreated. Facebook is going to be easier to recreate than Twitter- as the photo albums are so nice and organised! Although, Twitter is next on the list. I'm also looking into the possibility of an Instagram account, if you'd like that do say :) If you know of any graphics designers out there who are putting together portfolios/building together their work, if you want a project do get in touch! 

We've been here two years and we're definitely going to try and continue for at least another two. Maybe this time forward I'll try and prepare articles in advance, before I get sick and it looks like I've been away for weeks- aha.

Bring on the comments/feedback/areas to improve :) Oh and enjoy eating a virtual cupcake Stylistas xo

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