Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hi all!

Sorry for the delay in posts, Blogger has been working up recently and I haven't been able to log in (let alone post) for about two weeks now. Instead our Facebook page has been where I've been posting, so do check it out. Hope everyone's gotten back into 'The Routine' again as summer has sadly passed our shores.

It's Christmas in 14 weeks (apparently, I know people are counting down before my birthday is even upon us!) so maybe I should start a countdown? I'm still in the mist of exam/assessment preparation but next week I've got some free lessons so I'll be blogging before revision (don't tell my teachers! and don't really follow that example). To make up for the downtime, there's a few goodies in my hive ready to be posted for a giveaway.

7 Days till my birthday <3 Of which I haven't even started arranging, oopsies.

See ya soon!

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