Friday, 6 September 2013


Friday !

It's been manic and panic this week as I've returned to school; plus I'd love to give a big well done to everyone who received GCSE results or mock results grades, or any grades anywhere. I got mine, but I'm choosing not to broadcast them on the Internet- but I'm happy with them :) Also a congratulations to the winner of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model, who is the lovely Lauren Lambert from London! But, congratulations to the two runners up Emma and Sarah. And all the other girls who provided entertainment each week. Additionally, one of my favourite models Natasha Poly posted a picture of a baby bottle on Instagram, so hopefully her baby is arriving soon or is already here!

The BINTM Queen has started her reign and her Company Magazine October 2013 spread & cover is ready to blog about:
Lauren Lambert in Company
Lauren Lambert in Company
Lauren Lambert in Company

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