Saturday, 7 September 2013

New York Fashion Wee - NYFW 2013

Hi all Stylista's!

As you may already be aware, New York Fashion Week (shortened to NYFW) is underway at this moment in time and as a blogger I am actively watching the shows. Infact, I just missed a Marissa Webb show! That's the thing with time differences, right now it's morning over here but there it's dinner time. Last season for the shows, I did literally post the whole show on the blog- which is fine, but a bit boring in my opinion. So, as I've been getting into the Facebook page - I'll just have albums with pictures of the statement outfits by each designer. Plus that way, instead of browsing through every blog post- you can find the outfits straight away and I love the organisation of Facebook albums. But, on the blog site of things I will be doing a show/country synopsis each time. And if my lovely graphic designer can spare some time, we could get round to doing magazine style graphics- which do take longer as my software is a bit pants...

So for the meantime, happy fashion week and like us at to stay tuned!

Plus, if you want to watch the shows via your laptop/phone check out

Happy Fashion Week!

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