Monday, 26 August 2013

Nail Tutorials- Pink+Red=GlamPuss

Hi all Stylistas!

So if you've liked our Facebook page- you can see that it's been neglected recently (speaking of which, so had our Twitter which is the next project). Today, I started organising the photo albums so there's now a new album just for nail tutorials. Yayayaya! Yeah, I've put way too many hash tags on each photo. But, so what? Anyhow, if you didn't know September 1st is ArrayO'Style's second birthday. Which is amazing that it's still running- still juggling school and blog! Plus on our Facebook page each month we're letting you decide who will be our profile picture. It can be a celebrity, singer or a supermodel. Just head over to our Facebook page and you can start choosing now! (The Facebook link should be on the left of this article <<<).

Anyway, after organising the nail tutorial photos, it has come to my attention that the last tutorial I did was for the Fourth of July. Which was a while ago in blogger years. So today's tutorial is below :)

Pink + Red = Glamour Puss

You will need:

  • Pink Nail Varnish
  • Red Nail Varnish
  • Thin tape
  • Nail Varnish remover pens (for any mistakes, or you could dip a cotton bud in nail varnish)
  • Small gold studs
  • Optional Nail Dryer
  • Clear nail varnish- or a nail hardener on top


  1. Firstly, use the thin tape and establish the middle of your nails. Put the thin tape down the middle of the nail,  but make it so it's nearer to the right side of the nail. So the edge of the tape is along the middle, but most of the tape is on the right. This is so when you take the tape off there won't be a big gap in the middle.
  2. Secondly, apply the red nail varnish to the left half of your nail. If you wish you could use a nail dryer, or just manually wait 5 minutes to dry. Once the left half is dry, apply a second coat on top. Still keeping to the left side. You can use your nail varnish remover if there's any mistakes :)
  3. Thirdly, now you can remove the thin tape from your nail. This is where is starts to get fiddly, you need to paint the right hand side of your nail- using the pink nail varnish. Be careful as you don't want to accidentally go over onto the red side. If that does happen, apply another coat of the red nail polish or use your nail varnish remover onto the mishap. Next, apply a second coat of pink nail varnish on top.
  4. Once the pink side has dried, you may add a clear coat of nail varnish on top of the nail. Or a nail hardener if you prefer :)
  5. Time to get studding! Your nails should be painted. Check out your studs, sometimes they have a peel off sticky on the back, so you can just stick the stud onto the nail. If this is the case, position the stud at the top of the nail, in the centre. If it's not sticky, you need to get glue and stick it on carefully. Good luck!
Now, go and team your nails with a cute outfit like this:

Red + Pink =GlamPuss

Valentino short black dress
£3,205 -

Gold lip ring

Lauren Ralph Lauren buckle belt
£19 -

Wall art
£19 -

Other nail supplies which may come in handy:

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