Friday, 16 August 2013

How to get rid of spots

Zits, zits zits

We've all woken up smiling, so soon inspect ourselves and witness the unpleasantness of a zit on your face. Now, it may just be the teenage years- which makes breakouts more likely to erm break out. If you pardon the pun. According to Chinese beliefs, the location of your pimple isn't just randomly placed. Your spot is placed for a reason. Reasons are typically due to poor diet, stress or hormones. So, if your spots appear in the same place each time you get a break out, you need to abide to the remedy for that area. As the remedies are really similar, I've complied 'Five Ways to Eradicate Zits'. I must add that as I'm typing this, my face needs to apply to these tips too. Well, I have practically scoffed myself at the dessert, buffet table on holiday each day. So er.. Let's begin!

1. Eat Healthier

It's so simple to say, but who can turn down the scrumptiousness of brownies? But eat those greens girlfriend! This tip can help eradicate spots on the chin, jaw, lips, cheeks, nose, temples and the dreaded forehead! Plus it's hard to apply to this rule when someone else cooks your food, and kinda spends all day cooking it for you so you have to eat it. You've probably been educated on this rule, but if not you can start by switching cakes for carrots. Fried chicken to fruit. Bottom line, aiming for extra fibre into your diet. Juiced, canned, raw, mushed- anyway it's good stuff! Fruit will certainly reduce the level of refined sugar and salt you consume, which is always a good thing for your blemishes. Perhaps, starting a food diary would be a good idea if your acne is severe. This will allow a way to identify your food patterns and what to stop consuming.

2. Water world!

Water flushes out a lot of toxins from your body, natural water not vitamin or flavoured water. These are normally filled with a lot of sugar or a sugar substitute which is often worse than sugar. Your skin doesn't need to suffer that way! The average person should be drinking 1.5-2Litres a day. As well as helping to remove blemishes, water can improve your mood and decrease headaches, avoiding dehydration. Especially in these summer months. A lot of people I've spoken to say that when they were little they didn't like water at all, but now they love it. So, try it. You can purchase the big one litre bottles and drink it all day. It's easy to see that you're drinking the advised 2 litre amount per day.

3. Exercise

I like to move it, move it! They say a twenty minute walk after a meal can help burn off that previous meal, working your way to a flatter tummy. As you walk outside, you'll be receiving contact with the sun and increasing your daily Vitamin D intact- the 'sun vitamin'. Yes getting sunlight can be good for you. Walk, run, dance, yoga, football, pilates- there's plenty of ways to get moving and exercising! Even Adriana Lima said the tip to good skin is sweating. Sounds gross but erm have you SEEN Adriana Lima?! Remember to wash your face if you're dripping. Plus as well as getting good skin, exercise releases endorphin's which will make you happier. And a good mood will help with the next step.

4. Relax

Breathe slow, count from one to ten and I don't know the rest of the lyrics. But that song wasn't exactly that popular so no-one probably remembers the rest of the lyrics. But stress can lead to breakouts on your forehead, neck, chin and your cheeks. Stressing out over everything, will stress out your skin. So, try to work on relaxation techniques to calm down. Try taking a yoga class or a meditation class, these techniques learnt in class can be practiced at home. You could probably find free classes or samples on YouTube. Just close your eyes and rest your eyes, do something you want to do. Sink into that sofa or bubble bath when you get home to just soothe your senses. There's always bribing a family member to give you a massage...

5. Sleep

Well, this doesn't need a 100 word paragraph to explain. But, it does if you need to sleep effectively. Go to bed early (10pm or earlier) and wake up early. Even if you can't get to sleep at this time, it's good to relax your liver can rest and be ready for the next day. You need to be getting 8 hours of sleep per night, so cut down on those late nights out partying.

I'm not a fitness blogger, but I do know advice. Ish. I shall be taking my own advice this week as I can never relax. 

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