Saturday, 24 August 2013

GCSE Results day 2013

So I rarely implement the news into the blog; mainly because whenever I open a newspaper nothing seems positive and it just worries you about the world we live in. But, as the newspaper had the bold, headline of 'GCSE RESULTS SLUMP' I guess I had to pick it up and browse it. On the Thursday I was meant to physically go in and collect my sheet which possessed my gazillion and one A*'s, but I've been on a journey this week so I was unable to collect the results, and with the GCSE results being the worse they've ever been in 25 years- It will probably just be a gazillion A*'s and one A grade.

But as the rest of the country has received their GCSE and A level results (and are probably too hungover to be reading this thoroughly) I'd just like to say congratulations. Even if they're bad, it doesn't matter. One sheet of paper isn't going to affect your life that much. You can always resit. Take a leaf out of Pitbull's black, book. He rhymed Kodak with Kodak and he's a millionaire. Now go off and enjoy your life.

P.S: If you hadn't sieved out the A* sarcasm, I'm not predicted at A*'s. Can't you tell? Iz probs coz i tipez lyk dis.

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