Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Kendall Jenner sports Lipsy

  It's a rare sight when you spot a celebrity in a high street brand which doesn't have a figure price tag. Especially one of the Kardashians: who have their own clothing brand. One of the younger Kardashians Kendall donned a pair of plush, Lipsy lace shorts on an outing to her sister Kylie's sweet 16th birthday party. That must have been one awesome party.
Anyway, Kendall accompanied the outfit with a Chanel purse and went for a black and white look. As a social network user, I do remember Kim Kardashian saying something about a collaboration with Lipsy which now probably explains the shorts. We all know they were freebies. 

Inspired by the Chanel and monochrome theme of the outfit, I felt compelled to do a Polyvore set; as I haven't done a monochrome one as of yet. Plus I wanted to show the orginal £18 shorts on the Lipsy website. So enjoy :)


Chanel by siennaa-jones featuring lipsy

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