Thursday, 15 August 2013

Beyonce & Rita Ora new chops

rita ora in a black and white suit with her new blonde bobBob's your Uncle

Trendsetter Rita Ora stepped out of a London hairdressers rocking a new wavy bob and bangs. The perks of being Rita Ora- 24 hair stylists, awesome. Although, it did take her poor, stylist four hours to achieve this look. I wonder if celebrities sit there and read the gossip magazines whilst they wait? The 22 year old Radioactive singer still kept her statement honey hightlights and dark roots after stepping out of the Percy & Reed hair salon in Marylebone.

She matches her newly trimmed tresses with a masculine black jacket, trousers and colour block brogues. Rita's typical sliver of red lipstick to keep the androgynous ensemble girly.

On the subject of hair do's Beyonce revealed a shorter, pixie crop on Wednesday. Yes a pixie crop. Beyonce's known for doing 'hairography' as Glee called it, where she swishes her hair around on stage. But now with shorter hair, she won't have a lot to swish around.

Beyonce's hairstylist Kim Kimble revealed that she did trim off quite a lot of natural hair, not a weave as expected. Beyonce has a wig collection estimated at $1million. So if she does get bored with her pixie crop she can always wear a wig.
Bold new look: Beyonce shared a snapshot of her cropped hairstyle on Wednesday

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