Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tuesday 9th October

Today was interesting. Madness the last few days. Firstly, been called in to do a fabulous fashion show. Got told I walk like a catwalk model! Amazeballs? I felt like using that term. Anyway. Kinda got pushed to do it, wasn't feeling too well and mentioned she's designed clothes for Katie Price. As loving as mum's are (and have an interest in Katie Price, which she won't deny) was all. 'GO FOR IT! I mean, it's an amazing opportunity.' Yes, she won't admit it. But I did go and the dresses are fabulous. Fingers crossed Katie Price appears at the show. That'll be amazing, but highly unlikely. Anyway. Awkward moment your mum's called a MILF and she looks it up on the urban dictionary... 'When does your mum shop? Might have to casually bump into her...' This is from someone who calls me 'Hairy Mary', coming from a BOY who gets his eyebrows shaved and shaped. I think my mum will enjoy meeting him in the shops. Not. She did laugh when she found out he gets his eyebrows done at the same place as hers. Ooer. Anyway. Charity workers, knocking on doors trying to sell things. Had one come today asking, 'Do you know the words of Jesus?' since I was watching family guy, I opened to reveal a top saying, 'BIRD' so I said, 'Do you know the word of the bird?' The brother actually started playing the song, so did a little 'Bird is the word' rave on the doorstep. Infront of a priest. See ya's for tomorrow!

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