Friday, 12 October 2012

Today was interesting. Waiting half an hour for your Mum to pick you up isn't particularly an ideal start to the weekend- oh well. I was in a shop with my mum,when my crush walked in! I started trying to act really cool by pretending to look at a really expensive pair of shoe, pretending I have all the money in the world-  and ignoring my mum... After a while, I walked out of the shop - and the alarm went off, I'm stood puzzled knowing I didn't take anything. One of the shop assistants ran over to me and pulled a bra off me that was hanging on my hoodie.  My dad had put it in there as a joke when I wasn't looking. My crush saw me and burst out laughing, as did everyone standing in the shop! Didn't help they were for someone with a bigger bust and were the granny knickers of the bra world. At least it wasn't mine, that'd be another story. Anywho, see ya's for tomorrow. Late night revision sesh starting now.

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