Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wednesday 3rd October

Today was interesting. Is it Friday yet? Seriously getting bored of this week. See I have an organised revision schedule devised. Doesn't really help when we go to the supermarket! I miss my revision and go straight to bed. Gosh boys are a nightmare. Not talking about the 'God' who goes to my school. Funny how you can just not notice them, but when you're older and they have a year left here, they pop out at you. Thinking, 'Hello, why you no pop out sooner!' Usually he just walks through me, but felt like he was stalking us today. He was in the canteen, on the table next to us. Then was in the toilets (Not with us, lol. I wish. Next door to us). Then he was out at the shops walking through us. Phwoar... Not a pretty sight when your friends are talking about girl stuff and he walks past... Thanks guys. Girls. Whatever. Talking about the sex-crazed boys who get 'laid' every single night. Bit gross when I'm trying to paint beautiful flowers. Which happened to be white- not helping. Never say yes to the question, 'Do you like slush puppies?' when a boy asks. I guarantee they won't be the ice drinks.  I had a really nice facial toner, so was disappointed when I finished the bottle one evening. The next morning, out of habit I went to use it like normal - it was half-full again, but because I was still half asleep, I didn't think anything of it. It was only when I met up with my friends and they complained about a strange smell coming from me, that I suddenly remembered it had run out! I rushed home to try and figure out what had happened… Turns out my little brother had done a wee into the bottle. Gross! See ya's for tomorrow.

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