Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Wednesday 19th Dec

6 Days to go. Woop woop! Wrapped my final Christmas presents last night- have to say they're extremely fragile. So I cautiously made the journey to the Christmas tree downstairs (finally up). As I did this... someone decided to leave bits of paper on the stairs (midnight feasts probs, explains why when I visit the biscuit tin the biscuits have starved themselves) so as I walked down, piled high. I trip and well the fragile items are (hopefully) still in tact... Well they better be. Bit awkward if it's all fallen apart. 'Oh wow what I always wanted' SNAP. I would show piccies on the blog, but hey the people I'm gifting to read. (Hey guys no teasers for you!). I'd like to say I hope they like them. Including the little 'bruv' who well- is going through the 'attitude phase' at the minute and I'm his target. So I did kinda go with the bribery approach. Oh well. Can't wait to go shopping in the boxing day sales! See ya's!

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