Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tuesday 4th December

Today was interesting. OMG clothes show live is this weekend!!! Why didn't I choose textiles!!! Could've gone :( If anyone goes, email me some of the best bits of the day. Any who  R.I.P to the advent calendar you used to see, his chocolates are eaten, baby they're eatennnn... ey ey I'm ready for moore. Short life of my advent calendar. 1st of December some idiot (No offence but seriously) put it on a radiation, licking my chocolate out isn't nice. Well it is, but ew dirty hands. 4th of December: dog decided to eat it. Just mine. How unfair. At least the advent calendars will be half price now :) The other day my mum was talking about getting rid of him- I think she should definitly get rid now. Eating my chocolates- dirty evil doggie.
Christmas, fa la la la la, la la la la. T'is the season to be jolly etc. I know, Christmas is here. Doesn't feel like it though.
Royal baby has been announced. What are they going to name the future ruler? Probably not 'Bendy'. Imagine if they named the child 'Simba'. The Queen will do the ceremony singing, 'AHHHHHHHHTABENYAAAAAHBADDABESINBENAAAAAAH'. That'd be quite a sight. Imagine halfway if her back hurts and she goes 'Ooooh me back!'. Victoria's secret fashion show tonight, wooo! See ya's for tomorrow!x

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