Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Clothes Show

Not gonna lie, I would've died to been at the Clothes Show Live this year. I went last year; didn't bring a lot of money which was stupid as everything there was shops. This year I would've brung my savings and spent like there's no tomorrow! Doesn't help that they keep filling my inbox with delightful news of performers.
However. I have got some gossip from those who went (including pictures of attractive men with BB from Dirty, Sexy, Things). No Dirty, Sexy, Things isn't a porno (my initial response lol).

Celebs were aplenty including: Amy Childs (promoting her clothing line), Gemma Collins from TOWIE (promoting HER clothing line, I spy competition!), Katie Price, Tom Pellereau (From The Apprentice with his 'Style File'), JLS, Sam Fraiers etc.
he SHOW! This year the theme was 'Life of a magazine editor' lets just looks awesome. Apparently it wasn't as good as last years, (Overnight at the department store). But the male models were in speedos, ooft. Henry Holland and Grace Woodward presented the extravaganza. Again, Jade Thompson was modelling.I swear she's lost weight since leaving BINTM she looks more toned. Anyone else noticed that? Speaking of BINTM, they were there. They usually do 'BINTM Live' but just decided to merge it. So on with the pictures:

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