Monday, 12 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay2014 5th

Hey there! Even though it’s been spring for quite some time, it’s still pretty chilly in my neck of the woods. On the rare sunny days, I like to imagine its summer and hang out in the sun. Haha. One of the best parts of summer is not having to wear so many layers! The outfit below is one that I’m excited to wear: a white tank from Hollister and a green skirt from Asia (unfortunately the sun washed out the green-it looks better in person, I promise).

Besides some different clothes, summer also brings along some fun activities! Actually, there are so many activities that I couldn’t possible do them all. But, I’ve made a list of some things I can’t miss this year.
Summer Bucket List:
* Sleep. J
* Picnics! So fun.
* Meet a new friend.
* Send a bunch of letters to my friends before we go off to high school.
* (saw this one on the internet) Say yes to everything for a day.
* Backyard camping.
* Watch a movie in a theater instead of the Internet.
* Eat lots of food!
* And have a summer project to keep me busy.
I’m pretty excited from summer now! My blog is Hey Iris if you’d like to see what I’m up to and tell me what you plan on doing this summer!
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