Thursday, 1 May 2014

#ABlogADayInMay 1st

Hello Stylistas from far and wide.

Welcome to #ABlogADayInMay2014 ! This is the first time we've organised something like this and hope to continue in the next coming years.
May is such a stressful month for young bloggers as it's exams ahoy. So #ABlogADayInMay is what I've culminated to help unload the stress, whilst still providing quality reading content from bloggers around the world. It's also about exposing new bloggers to readers and letting them explore what else occurs in the world, in the eyesight of bloggers. You never know, you might just spot your new fave this month!

To start the month off here's Olivia from Blushing Beauty and her Hot Pink Beauty Edit!

Hot Pink Beauty Edit
For my post in this project I decided I would explore the colour pink in makeup and all things beauty so I hope you enjoy it and get some ideas from it.

1) So.. Dry Shampoo - Probably one of my most raved about projects over on my blog is this dry shampoo. I prefer it to the Batiste as it feels so much more fresher and clean on my roots. Also it makes my hair so much easier to work with on third or second day hair.

2) Vaseline Hand Cream - My favourite hand cream is this one from Vaseline which moisturises my hands and is supposed to keep your nails strong and healthy. My one hate with hand cream is how sticky it can get but this one wasn't and it smelled really good.

3) Elvive Shampoo & Conditioner - This product was a classic blogger influence and of course the glitter in there was a instant winner for me. I would recommend it for fine hair as on my hair (thick) it doesn't work too well. However the glitter specks are super cute and girly too.

4) Baby Lips Pink Punch - Another blogger influenced product was this Baby Lips in a shocking pink called Pink Punch. On top of the moisturising factors and the added SPF, I love the bright colour and its perfect for spring or summer time. However I also love the Cherry Me, it smells amazing.

5) Primark Powder Brush - Just starting off in blogging I needed a powder brush of some sort. For only £1 it doesn't shed any hair at all and does a fairly good job at distributing the makeup product. If I was to give one criticism then It does collect a bit of build up but that can be fixed with some washing.

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