Saturday, 8 June 2013

One Direction Perfume Launch!

One Direction Perfume Launch!

Here's the gossip on the boy band's latest scent.
One Direction
What words would you use to describe a perfume made by boys, for girls? Playful, girly and according to Harry Styles 'smells like a summer's day'. Yes indeedy, One Direction have taken the fashionable, leap from singers to a brand by releasing 'Our Moment'. The pretty in pink bottle, crowned with a pink tulle crown, is perfect for fangirling royalty. The scent will be hitting beauty counters this Autumn; I imagine the Prince Charming's will make a lot of fans Princesses. Of course we will now all know what to wear for their highly, anticipated concerts.

The boys have worked together with perfume experts to culminate the finished product- based on all their favourite scents. Directioners will smell flirty and fun according to the boys. The fantastic fragrance is a fusion of: pink grapefruit, wild berries, delicate jasmine and a touch of white patchouli.

Wouldn't you be a happy Princesses if they'd 'Kiss you' if you purchased a bottle of perfectness?

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