Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cara Delevingne & Rita Ora- Taking over Topshop?

Cara Delevingne & Rita Ora- Taking over Topshop?

CaRita, fashion's cult couple, have shared everything. From their sensational street style, to sharing Rihanna's tattoo guy. Now the wifeys are in talks of sharing a joint clothing range; with none other than Topshop.

A source said, "Rita and Cara have been talking about the ideas for weeks now. Cara has great fashion industry contacts and Rita loves her clothes and keeps up with the trends." It's also rumoured that Rita is on a 'friend basis' with Topshop heiress Chloe Green and has mentioned the idea to her, in hope she'll pass this idea on to her powerful Daddy, Topshop boss Philip.

The source also mentioned that the pair's collection would want to emulate the success of lines by Victoria Beckham and Kate Moss's successful Topshop line... Is it also valid that Rihanna is into her second collection for River Island? The pair do use Rihanna's tattoo 'go to guy' and Rita is often compared to Rihanna.... Hmm.

Whilst the project is still at the sketchbook stage, you cannot deny that the pair are known for their headline-grabbing spontaneity. Don't forget that Cara has also registered a trademark on her name- for future money making antics in the future. If it does work out, I can imagine: kitschy tees, retro onesies and embellished sneakers in the line.

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