Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Eye make-up tutorial

How to make your eyes more stunning than they already are:

Modelled by the stunningly beautiful Adriana Lima <   Yes she's gorgeous already, but her eyes really do stand out. It may be the fact that Brazillians are normally brown eyed and her colour combination just stands out. It could be photoshop. Or it's likely to be perfect make-up.

Make-up: the solution to all your impurities. (I sound a bit vitriolic today, it's not intentional!). There's one make-up tip that the celebs constantly use to make those bobby dazzlers, dazzle. And it's still not Photoshop (although lets be honest Photoshop is rarely unused in the celebrity world). But with this tip, you can make those eyes even more stunning when your free 30 day Photoshop trial expires. :)

If you look very closely, you can see that Adriana wears orange based shades. Orange provides a contrast to the eyes- that really makes the colour pop. Especially blue eyes. Orange hues can really warm up your facial features and bring out the colour of your eyes and skin.

  • For a more softer, subtle look stay within the eyelid and go for a lighter shade of orange with a shimmer. Maybe even pinker tones.
  • Keep the orange shade below the eye lid.
  • Keep it minimal and blending is key. When blending, smudge right above the eyelid.
  • And always test at home first before wearing out!
  • Don't go Wotsit orange :)
<<< This is NOT your style icon!

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