Thursday, 31 January 2013

Thursday 31st January

Today was interesting. What happens when someone volunteers you for a 'Take Me Out' themed assembly? I'd go hide in a corner. Rather be forever alone. Well not FOREVER alone; Taylor Lautner would do nicely. Or a humongous shopping voucher. Decided simply, to pull a sick day that day. If I remember and I'm not having a 'rushed' morning. If I am well there goes my sanity and *cough* reputation. Let's just say everyone has strange, abnormal friends. What was even more awkward was, there's this guy who practically stalks me. Seriously if I had a penny for every time it happens, I'd probably be able to buy the Hilton and be the next Paris Hilton. Don't really want to be her, but oh imagine the luxurious lifestyle. Not gonna lie, not really into the guy. Girls we always seem to ignore the ones who like us, but like the ones who ruin us. But as soon as the teacher came over he was all, 'Are you doing that Take Me Out assembly?' I said no like the mean, dream crushing child I am. He went 'Oh' with a ;3 kind of face to him. Gosh I'm mean and feel a tad guilty now. But there's no way I'm doing a Take Me Out assembly- not if Taylor Lautner did stop dating famous girls and noticed me! I'm sure the teacher will understand... they better. 
Anyway onto the main discussion I wanted to point out today. Year 7's are incredibly abnormal creatures too. My sister's friends were round ours and whilst my sister went to get snacks; I walked in on a conversation about what I thought was about food. It wasn't. I came in and they asked, 'Have you got chicken fillets?'. I said, 'Well in the fridge'. They looked at me strangely. Chicken fillets weren't just food...When she said, 'I meant one of these' she put her hand to her bra and took out a chicken fillet. I was expecting a pink, slimy gross thing. Well these were kinda gross looking. And I know knew how those sly Year 7's had bigger chests than us flat-chested Year 10's. That would be a good business idea. Secret 'boob jobs' in schools. No surgery, but slimy stuff instead. 
Well that's it for tonight folks. Tomorrow I've got a review to do :)

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