Thursday, 24 January 2013

Hi everyone. I know I haven't posted in like forever (Taylor Swift moment). My layout has been delayed for technical reasons and well on with the post.

Today was interesting. Today implying this whole back to school shenanigan. Sleeping pattern is officially 'messed up'; I'm more or less half asleep all day. Am I the only one like this; but I just cannot go to bed early. When I do I'm just sat there befriending the wall. If wall's were people- they'd have no substance to them... But when I go to bed late I actually sleep. Mum doesn't buy that 'excuse', supposedly. Instead; when she see's me yawning, she just says 'Bed at 4pm then you'. 4PM! Doesn't really solve my problem mummy. Ironically, I manage to get up at 6am every morning. Anyway back to the gossip. What's your initial reaction when you see one of your teachers, in Boots... buying JLS condoms? Run and hide and end up browsing a random shelf (in my case rash medicine, nice). Or say to your Mum, 'That's my French teacher!' To your dismay Mum goes, 'I can't hear you, did you say that's your French teacher?'. So loud; the whole store is looking at her. Why do I get the feeling that I'll be getting triple homework this week... Doesn't help that I've got French tomorrow.

See ya's for tomorrow! I must add I did have a new years resolution to get more organised (obviously failed) with the blog and I haven't so far as revision is taking over my life! But, I will be posting a lot of catch up stuff these few days. What do you guys think about DIY fashion, nail tutorials, more clothes on a budget and more contests?

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