Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wednesday 7th November

Today was interesting. I'm back! Back from hiding in revision guides and notebooks surrounded by a mess. Well technically, my room is still a mess. Even when I tidy the revision guides and shizzle. ANYWAYS! Exam was rather easy actually. Does bug me I'm targeted for a B and they put me on a foundation paper- meaning highest I can get is C, which I've achieved all last year... Back to news. Boys. Is it weird that you never seem to notice someone incredibly good looking, practically supermodel material, till he's in year 11 and might be off to college next year. Frown face :(  Hopefully he doesn't. Never noticed him before, but mysteriously he always seems to be where I am. This has been happening for a while now. Behind me on the stairs, stares at me around school, when I'm on the field he comes and sits on a bench nearby, he was on my right in the exam hall (he's on foundation too!). It's getting weird. Today he even sat two tables away from us at lunch. I'm going to have to record this down, my friends think I'm his stalker (as he's mega hot, who wouldn't crush on him) but I'm getting the impression i'm not the stalker... Fashion this week, apparently I'm a 'hipster' due to my newest discovery, tumblr. 'I live life on tumblr I went to hell to get this URL'. Tumblr is my obsession at the minute as the fashion phwoar. Clothes envy. My site is practically a collection of clothing I'll never get to wear. A girl can dream. Awkward moment you walk into class and someone says, 'Your work was really good' #dafuq moment. Teacher read my work out TWICE. When she rambled on about to read it, I was thinking, 'I wrote something? What on Earth did I write which is worth an A grade? My Christmas list? Cant remember, face palm moment'. Turns out it was a piece I wrote when it was an off day, depression gives you A's guys. Well the title was 'Family life is doomed' so yeah it's kinda depressing anyway. Did make me laugh when she said something about 'Clever, structured paragraphs'. Erm, I write rubbish in any order! Gosh I gloat a bit. Anyway, Christmas shopping is done,  ish. Hardest thing is finding a present for someone who only takes Mulberry or Alexander McQueen. Maybe Asda smart price might make her smile... when someone opens an xmas present and they make it so obvious they hate it. Then go all smiley. See ya's for tomorrow! Might have to post some christmas present finds. x

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