Thursday, 29 November 2012

29th November

Exams and stilletos: how my world is operating at the moment. Not sure how I manage to keep on top of my blog- but I do so!
Anyway, amazing news I should really keep top secret. One is I've secured my work experience (finally). Just advice to others, don't get your hopes up emailing EVERYONE. If in year 10 it limits the amount of places which will actually take you on. Magazine's for example take on 16 or even 18 years plus. Which is a bit irritating. Even more annoying is when you send a mass email in September and still have about two replies in late November... Maybe I should name and shame all the places who didn't bother replying back. Tedious challenge but I secured some; well half, still have to find another place for a week. I'll also be blogging on work experience- so you can see what happens behind the scenes. I won't reveal where yet! Also, if you're an aussie. Say hey! Business challenge school trip today. Only school which wasn't a grammar school... Looked so out of place without shirts and ties and in return girls with short skirts... Also a quiz on aviation. Obviously isn't our strongest point. See ya's for tomorrow!x Xmas is on its way, saw an xmas tree today!

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