Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday 18th November

Today was interesting. All my Christmas pressies are here (and under a large pile of clothes, best hiding place). Good job no-one dares walk into my room, I would post them all on here. But my little sister is fishing for any clues, so no clues for you missy sissy :) Also have some awesome freebies to share. Including hip new artist. Not the boring kid. The one who has designs called 'Sex pot'. Ooft. Anywho. BREAKING DAWN PART 2 HAS BEEN RELEASED! I guarantee most of you have probably seen it. If you have don't tell me what happens in the end! So tempted to go and see it when everyone's all over Facebook saying, 'TWILIGHT'S AMAZING' and I'm sat here thinking, 'Muuuuuummm! Can we go early' but trust the thrifter to be all 'Go on Orange Wednesday'. Last year we went on a Wednesday and I took the day off school that day, walked into the cinema to see my whole class -.- 'You're not sick' they screech (most of them are boys strangely: puberty still awaits). Should've taken my snotty tissues from earlier- that would be an interesting flavour of popcorn. Fireworks in the daytime; strange I thought. When cracking into my revision they seem to have a firey, row outside. I do over to see them... trip over my table and just about everything on the floor. Get to the window. Fireworks have gone. That was a short row.

Anyways. Tomorrow I'm going to see a show so don't expect a post. Tuesday however, back to normal with posts, but tomorrow my giveaway will be starting (or if you're an all nighter, midnight). x

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