Monday, 10 February 2014

We Love #Fashion

We Love Fashion (if you don't you probably shouldn't be reading this blog tbh)

So yeah, I haven't got old of this #StreetStyle look yet! This is why I'd wear something like this to London Fashion Week... Yes, the big LFW which us bloggers have been trying to get tickets to for months now. Some are victorious, some will have to be revealed later (whilst I browse Topshop for clothing which I know I can't afford). I'm wearing a Isabel Marant for H&M coat and it's lush :) Perfect for LFW, as it's London we're in- coats are a necessity. It's long, thin and I imagine Burberry will be covering something similar. I've already seen New Look covering this coat at a 1/3 of the price... The bag is from Iconemesis and is red hot! It just ties the look in together, a bold statement bag is everything with style. The colour red can symbolise a lot of things but possible the red here symbolises desire, drive and passion- which is what fashion is all about.

Here, I think the site is all about, celebrating fashion from different types of the nation and bringing the collective together- in a fun way :) 


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