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What I got for Christmas 2013 (Christmas Haul)

What I got for Christmas 2013 (yes it's late I know, I was too busy eating, like the rest of the world)

Before I continue this post, I'm not bragging or showing off. It's just I like these kind of tags and they are popular amongst other bloggers and such. This tag does get talked a lot through Twitter and well, it's kinda fun to get involved with these tags. Also, I know this is usually done on YouTube, but hey I blog not vlog (in other words I'm camera shy). And the carpet isn't that dark, it's just paint was spilt on the floor and it needed concealment. 

This haul is a mash up of presents/products I received as Christmas gifts, sale buys plus things I bought myself at the 'Clothes Show Live 2013'. My Christmas present was a front row seat there so technically the haul products count as Xmas pressies too :)

Firstly is the Marilyn Monroe set of three pictures- kindly a sales purchase from the Mummy bear. A complete surprise as she said she was only going out for bread- funnily enough it's a siblings birthday and I got a present too? Everyone loves Marilyn and she was a bargain under £10! The one thing about the pictures is that the first picture isn't Marilyn, it's an impersonator called Suzie Kennedy. I'm not complaining- but it's kind of fraud in a away. If you pay for pictures of Marilyn, you get Marilyn pictures. 

The Christmas presents were the Victoria's Secrets body lotion and gels in the cute, pink purse. The scent is 'Pure Seduction' which must sound so weird when reading- trust me it smells nice and not tacky. Also got a refill on my previous scent 'Love Spell' which smells amazing too. Gosh, does anyone else just constantly change scents or keep one for a long time? Comment below! With all these smelly bath things, I wonder if they're telling me to take more baths?

The last Christmas presents was the subscription to Company magazine, the Doughnut notebook and coloured pens set. Courtesy of the brother- have to say, you always get skeptic when boys buy you things. Specially when they don't ask about it and go incognito in the shops when searching. Still, he did well and hated his present from me. How kind.

The Clothes Show Live was wild. The event is basically a shopping day when you walk into a HUGE arena, crowded with fashionistas (with their miserable looking husbands carrying shopping bags) where brands are selling new items in little booths- at reduced prices. Barry M, Models own, Candy Kittens, Miss Patisserie, Helen-E Cosmetics and Claireabella all received my custom there. Keeping us all skint in the process. They're so clever there with their 'in-your-face' selling tactic and the whole '£10000000000 WORTH OF PRODUCTS FOR £10' gift bag. Okay minus a few zeros in that first number, but they are very in your face at times. On a school trip in 2011, they kind of forced us to buy from a brand. I guess vulnerable kids are prey for some stands, the lady pulled my group over and with her bright smile really pressured us into buying. I had no money and she gave me a funny look at that point. Awkward... None of it happened today strangely as I did have money (for a short time). It's funny because I probably won't use half of the make-up I bought, I just liked the packaging really. However, I will be using my new bath bombs from Miss Patisserie- those cupcakes smell amazing. Note to scientists, where is our smellivision already?! Also spoke to the Claireabella :) 

As for celebrities Sam Fraiers walked past me, bit awkward as I whispered (loudly) to my Mum at that point 'I wonder which celebrity they're all queuing up to see'. Yes, she looked that normal and I'm sure she was having a bad day at that point anyway. Jamie Laing was there and his products aren't as good as the price implies. The ink on the notebook has already peeled- not cool. Shame really. But I shall continue to visit the Clothes Show for BB Kaye on that runway. Damn, BB needs his own meet and greet. And ab stroke. Plus, I think more fashion experts should be at the show. Coco Rocha and Adriana Lima were in the UK around the time of the show... Just saying. 

Anywho, have a happy new year and erm sorry for practically parading around my stuff, but hey it's a trend.


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