Monday, 30 December 2013

Hello 2014.

Time to bombard you with a 'Hello 2014' post.
So, it's new year's eve, eve and time to start preparing new years resolutions which we know will be abandoned within the first week. But more so than that, did you know how hard it is to find a 'Hello 2014' picture (from Tumblr, no surprise) which isn't optimistic or positive in the slightest? 

'2014 is going to be better' '2014 please be good'
I mean, I have no right to condescend people's beliefs, but it does irritate me when these types of posts appear. How bad could 2013 have been for you? Are you dead? Are you homeless? Are you being bullied?Are you well fed, sheltered and educated? Well then.How bad could your year have been?

 If you're circulating these degrading posts around the web because you didn't get the Christmas present you wanted, or you got dumped by your boyfriend for 5 seconds or didn't meet your favourite celebrity... you need a reality check. And fast. You need to consider the year as a whole, even if you did lose a tiny thing in the year- was it made up for? Like, if you lost a boyfriend, did you make a new friend? Think about the summer of 2013. Now how many people on Tumblr loved it? And it's those same people saying they loathed the year... Wow.

I'm not saying that my year was perfect, but what's the point in moaning about it? If your year was rubbish, it probably wasn't and you were melodramatic.But if you truly did lose something major and you're not secure in your life- you can comment.

So. Now, get yourself some paper and bullet point everything good that happened to you in 2013. You'll be surprised. Write down everything that made you smile, maybe start with summer. I did this and surprised myself too. Maybe if it's not something good that happened to you, what about things you did that surprised yourself in a good way? Like I commuted to London- even though I was certain I was going to get mugged or something. I didn't. And if I hadn't of gone I wouldn't have experienced my happiest moment of 2013... meeting Jourdan Dunn in person and her declaring 'You have a beautiful name'.

Now, I challenge you to the 'Happiness Project' and we'll see how good 2014 is.
2013 happy moments jar

And here comes the resolutions part. I don't want to lose weight or whatever this year. Instead, I want to prioritize my blog this year as I feel like when studying, I've neglected it and it's progress has gone backwards. So here are my short term targets for 2014, maybe you can help me with them? I say short term, because if I don't get them I would feel ashamed since their quite low.
1. Get to 100 Blog followers via Google Friend Connect. Currently have 88 and this is tangible. (If you fancy following me go to and follow the steps).
2. Get to 100 Twitter followers. Currently have 76. I'm more of a Facebook over Twitter girl, so this doesn't surprise me. Follow me at: @ArrayOStyle
3. Get to at least 20 BlogLovin followers. BlogLovin has exploded recently and I really need to buck the trend more with it. I currently have 8. I didn't think BlogLovin was widely used till I saw someone with 900 followers! I want a piece of that pie, lol. Follow me at:
4. Get to 1100 consistent Facebook likes, I've got 1075 which is so close! My FB link is:

And finally to take more pictures when I go out for events/shoots :)

Gosh this has been a long post, but we do have a long year ahead and I had to address the pessimistic comments about 2013. The blog got featured in a big magazine in the first month of 2013, so I couldn't knock 2013.

And, can you help me reach my targets?

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