Monday, 27 October 2014

#HalloweenOStyle - Inspired by TeenVogue


Here is the first Halloween Heroine for the week's trio of devilish, delights. (I can't promise they will all be heroines sadly!). Today, I admit... I saw the Dorothy idea on a Teen Vogue article on hipster Halloween ideas. However, Dorothy is such a classic, stereotypical look which is more gorgeous than ghoulish- making it perfect for those of us who just don't suit vampire attire (sorry Bella and co).

Fitted with devinely deceiving 'ruby red slippers', baby blue gingham and a woven basket- all you need is your pet pooch to follow the yellow brick road towards the party season! 

During the week remember to vote for your fave costume. Via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Polyvore or Pinterest! The more likes each character receives, the more popular they are. Who knows; I might dress up in the costume with the most votes at the end of the week! 
Dorothy - #HalloweenOStyle

Forever 21 collared shirt
£14 -

Kate Spade slip on shoes
£205 -

Lips makeup

Chanel perfume fragrance
£75 -

Outside home decor

£1.30 -

Halloween home decor
£6.95 -

Halloween home decor
£7.44 -

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