Saturday, 30 November 2013

Christmas Selfies.

Hi Stylistas!

Apologies for the lack of contact- when there's a giveaway on there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that have to go on. Speaking of competitions, if you're the selfie queen be sure to check out the blog/Facebook page for updates on Monday.

As it's the start of December tomorrow, it does mean advent calendar time! This year it will be done slightly differently. Normally I just post it on the blog but this time it's specifically themed and a picture of the advent goodie will be shown on Facebook, Twitter (and possibly Pinterest, it's still not confirmed but will be confirmed tomorrow). Then there will be a link with it that links back to the blog- with a detailed post on the goodie. Also, I think I'll do the timing differently so it could be shown on Facebook first, then twitter one day- but the next maybe  it's Twitter first then Facebook- it'll be a mystery :) Plus on every 5th day, I won't display a picture- instead it'll be a 'Question mark'. That way, it's a big mystery :) So yeah; sounds complicated, but it shan't be.
I think that I will do the new blog layout/design in the gap between Christmas and New Years.

Along with the Christmas advent calendar there will be more nail art, fashion and gossip at ArrayO'Style!

Twitter: @ArrayOStyle
Pinterest: To be confirmed.

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